Use ControlClick function to click buttons. If using AutoIt choose the full installation and download the Script Editor. Paste the code in and it should work. Download AutoIt. ;Open up Calculator Run ('calc.exe') ;Pause execution until Calculator becomes active window WinWaitActive ('Calculator') ;Get the handle for Calculator $hWnd = WinGetHandle ('Calculator') ;Using the `Finder Tool`, you can drag and drop it onto controls to see all information (i.e. Text, Class, Handle, etc.) .... "/>

The 'WinGetText' function retrieves the text from a specific window, this case "Untitled -" which is the from a new file in notepad. So "WinGetText ("Untitled -","")" will get all text that the window has and then. put the text after "Text from the window : " in the message box. If you want, you can specifie what text to get from the window ( ex. Run Au3Info.exe, unfreeze the windows (Menu | Options | Freeze OR Ctrl+Alt+F), bring the dialog box you want to manipulate to the foreground, then freeze Au3Info. Update the DialogTitle and IdentifyingText variables and the Button Instance number. Lastly, run the AU3 script using the AutoIt3.exe (drag the script onto the executable or run it.

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